Meso Level

The Meso-level inquiry used a mix of qualitative methods with civic, social and political actors, including the partners of Swedish framework organisations and their partners who were engaged in the same domains, themes and geographic areas identified. This approach used interviewing, focus groups, participant observation and secondary data collection.

The country evaluation teams engaged with selected actors in-country to map and identify the field of appropriate actors to take part in interviews, focus groups, observation and gathering of data (documents, reports, websites, articles and other evidence of activities). The identification of actors and the specific issues was further refined through the first round of Reality Checks. The range of methods used to engage with these actors included:

  • Qualitative, semi-structured interviews and informal conversations
  • Focus groups and workshops
  • Participant observation, accompaniment, shadowing, immersions
  • Learning events conducted in the context of this evaluation
  • Telephone and skype interviews
  • Desk review of programme documents, secondary and media sources

These interactions included learning events at the national level in each country, and synthesis events and workshops in Stockholm involving representatives of the Swedish framework CSOs, Sida and the Programme Advisory Group and other external resource people as required.